Saturday, August 31, 2013


I like using this blog to update on the progress of my projects (and also while waiting my 3D files to render). You see, some projects takes quite a long time to finish (w/c makes us impatient) so I take as much photos of the progress instead, to see how each is progressing.

Anyway, this particular one is for the bedroom renovations I've done in an old townhouse in New Manila. We only did the two bedrooms (and bath) since we have a very limited time to work (during the kid's summer break). We are still not done with some furniture since my client wants to shop for themselves :)

(for a seven and nine year old girls :)

 The curtains there holds as a barrier since the air-condition is placed in front of the beds. We can't replace it anymore since there is a builder's regulation in the community, and they're not allowed to tear anything structurally that may affect the facade of the house. I've posted my perspective for this room here, and this is what's happening :)
  I did some alterations in the color scheme since my client fell in love with this wallpaper i showed them...

This was not in the perspective, but we added a divider wall on the left side of the room to limit once again, the air-condition blow. There are curtain dividers to separate this semi-hang out corner (note that the beddings, curtains, and new furniture/ sofa bed hasn't arrived yet in this photo).

 The study desk for two girls, which i'm really excited to style soon!


We re-tiled everything from floor to ceiling, and since my client wants an almost all-white bathroom interior, I played with the ceiling, lighting and patterns of tiles instead :) 

(for a fourteen year old girl :)

 Now this is the smaller of the two rooms, so we decided to make it into the achie's (or oldest's) bedroom. Its cute that all three girls almost have the same tastes in interiors, so when achie saw the alcove for the two girls, she also wants for herself :)
I have to say, as much as I want to veer away alcoves for now since I've done it quite a few times in my perspectives (will show in the future), its still one of my favorite elements! And some of my clients would also ask for the exact same thing in their home - so I just make sure to edit.
 and here it is last time I saw it :) Again, the beddings, the curtains, side tables, and chairs haven't arrived yet.

 This wallpaper is also one of favorite :)

I didn't took a before photo of the bathroom here since I know we will change everything in it, but it pretty much looks like the same as the other two girl's bathroom :)

Again, since they wanted their tiles to be all-white, I just played around the textures and ceiling :)
All bathrooms have their closets installed inside. Still waiting for the glass to be installed, the mirror is temporary (re-used the old one) for now - I can't wait to style these rooms! :)

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