• Graduated Business Management major in Entrepreneurship from De La Salle University.
  • Finished Basic Mandarin Course in Xiamen University, China.
  • Worked as a Management Trainee for China Projects in a Real Estate company in Manila.
  • Worked in Shanghai, China as Events & Promotions Manager for over a year.
  • Took up Basic Fashion Design in Fashion Institute of the Philippines.
  • Working with a team of stylists for photo shoots.
  • Finishing Exhibit and Interior Design from the Philippine School of Interior Design.


I've never really cared about Interiors nor was I the OC type of person... actually, every time I entered my room before, I just didn't bothered. I like throwing my stuff around and arrange them on an occasional basis (when they're starting to pile up like crazy... and it's driving me mad whenever I lose things!). I only cared about my wardrobe and closet - so that was the ONLY space that actually looked decent and neat :) 

But after working for a Real Estate company, and learning about the business of materials and finishes, talking to suppliers and designers for our project's interiors and mall decorations, and being clad by my mom to various showrooms/ show houses, I started to notice the difference between a well Interior / decorated space to those that just happen to look fancy. Since then, whenever I go out and travel, I consider the Interior of a space, and applaud designers who blew me away!

I intentionally went to a design school to familiarize myself (a little) with the terms and standards of measurements, ergometrics, workshops, etc. and got to engrossed with all the work that i actually pursued in finishing it! *surprised* I know, Experience is the best Teacher. That is why I'm way too excited to actually step out and START DECORATING!!!

 And when I find it too impossible to be creative and wanted to give up design school,
stress is an understated word for us, these designers always happen to cheer and inspire me... :)

i’m not a writer. in fact i hate writing! but sometimes you need an outlet
to voice your ideas/thoughts =) i hope you bear w/ me blogging <3
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