Saturday, September 17, 2011

Places: Stacy's

you know you're getting older when you frequently have brunch with friends 
than late night partying... :)  
so yes,  i started Saturday with brunch, which was a total effort in my case cos i normally sleep at 2-4 in the morning. (i know, i need to limit my fb, youtube, & blogger addiction in order to sleep earlier *pfft*)
good thing the place my friend picked was pretty decent and relaxing... 

it's like an extension to my room and is a smaller version of Memory Lane in Tagaytay. 

The interior is very light & shabby chic, i think it was the Heima group who did the interior 
of this place, cos some of the items are very similar/familiar to the store.
and don't you just loooove that pink SMEG fridge at the background? aaah i would want to have one of those in my house! if budget permits lol. its way too expensive for me now.
how the Philippines GOT SO INTO cottage style/ shabby chic interiors i don't know. 
it fits my personal taste for now, so i'm not complaining :) 
but i hope i don't get tired with the look, since more and more shops are looking the same way now... :)

have a great weekend!
nappy time :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Exhibit Progress. Week 3 ++

whew! i can't believe it's almost a month now since the start of construction. we started working in this venue that was originally a warehouse/ storage house and now the progress is unbelievable! anyway, back to our booth...

as i've mentioned before, the theme of our exhibit is Sustainability.
and we're assigned to create a Dining Room that is 60-80% made of Plastic!

i know right?

but here's the progress so far :)
 i'm really happy how the mural has turned out :) it's so refreshing, and the logs i think fits perfectly too. we're trying to create a space that doesn't literally look like "the plastic booth", we want people to stop and guess for a while what our booth theme is.

so we made our design, Earth Friendly - Nature Inspired, to contradict how plastics are perceived as something that kills the planet earth slowly... mmm
and having installed these ceiling design made of PVC is actually a breather... YEAH. its THAT crucial you.could.kill.yourself.anytime. :p


wait for it.... :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chinese Wedding Reception Area

my cousin & cousin-in-law arranged this setting for our friend's wedding reception/waiting area. i love how they mixed elegance through porcelain with the free-spirited flowers and craft papers.
the antique dresser/console is from the bride's home.
dimsum and takeaways anyone? :)
pre-nup pictures of the couples
 Suy folded each and every fortune cookie for the guests to pick during registration. Some revealed prizes :) There's also a crossword puzzle for guests to fill up while waiting for the event to start, and of course, colorful pencils :)
we just love styling for events & parties :)


more on Table Setting

Flea market finds

some items i scored for only Php500 (USD11.30) in total :) 

yes, some luck i had from being stuck in the heavy rain... i was caught standing for more than 40minutes (inside a small tent along the street who sells wooden carved items) because my car's parked in the other block!
the weather was crazy! but i can't be more than happy with the good deal :)

1. the deer
this is so cute! i'm planning to paint this and use it as a lamp stand :) ala J. Adler style :)

2. the horse
if you knew me personally, you'll know that i have this horse (sculpture) fetish... :) been wanting to have one of those since one of my trips in China, but it was too expensive! i'm realllly happy to get this at a bargain!

3. the tray
 this tray is perfect on its own. i want to use this as a tray table :) and/or probably place a mirror inside too

4. carved "seaside"
trust me, i've already washed this couple of times already! i'll be hanging this in my bathroom after painting, maybe :)

so yeah, everything you see here were all drenched with (rain)water that night... my mom was really annoyed cos she said i brought home trash. LOL

Friday, September 9, 2011

Room Feature: Cosmo Magazine

i woke up at 7am today, which is pretty odd cos i never wake that early! but i have to clean my room/  try my best to make it look decent for a magazine feature :) 
(it would be featured in Cosmo PH's November issue :) 
 my room has still a lot of stuff pending (i'm not completely done with it yet!) but a week's notice wasn't enough to manufacture the bench-of-my-dreams, and other furniture i've been sketching in my head for some time now (-.-) i declined the offer at first, but had second thoughts since i realized it wasn't an interior/design magazine anyway, so any flaws can pass for now :)
 excited how the shots are gonna turn out soon :)
 with Ms. Chinggay Labrador of Cosmo Philippines :) 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Exhibit Progress. Week 2 ++

what i never hoped for, happened last week -  i got sick :( and i just hate the feeling of being stuck in bed... when you know you have to go out and move your ass, cos if you slack off a little - you'll get piled up with work! but thank God that's the past :) i'm on my better health now, and i have been pretty busy scouting for stuff for this week's styling/ photo shoot (reveal soon), canvassing for exhibit, and looking for future, potential suppliers. and as always, i ended up buying tons of fabric/stuff i don't know where to use yet! *erk*

anyway, construction for our exhibit should be done end of next week *gasp* i know... we're kind of behind! but yeah, i'm having my fingers crossed and still hoping for the best. I honestly, at this point of being too stressed out, wish and want to get this done and over with! expenses are too much! and i just can't wait to not stay in the construction site for hoursss anymore, i want to paaarrtty! lol.
 These giant build-up letters are as LITERAL as they can be.
 being artistic with recycled pvc's
 wait for it... :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

bed weather

no matter how baaad i want to stay at home today, and curl up in my bed... i meet the supplier, canvass, and man our booth construction which lasted til 10:30 PM. *blah* i just sipped a glassful of Berocca, hoping to get well, because tom i will be shopping for fabrics/materials in Divisoria! *mixed emotions* i hope the weather gets better tomorrow... and SO MUST I!

 my favorite books so far :)
...added pops of neon colors from candies on top of my storage cabinet to cheer me up everyday :)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oasis along Edsa

 hmmm... was supposed to go to Pampanga today and check out the supplier, but due to the awful weather, i was stuck in Manila. What to do? Well, I went to this place (that had intrigued me for some time now) every time I pass by Edsa - the Manila Seedling.
it was quite a sanctuary actually... and my curiosity never failed me :) i was a bit surprised why i never tried visiting this place before. I thought Dangwa was the place to be, but this, by far is at par if you're looking for planted stuff... :) that I wished i had a green thumb too, but *ohwell* i only took pictures of the florals, but the place really looked much like a forest... something i never really thought existed along Edsa :)

i was also surprised to have met there one famous florist my cousin hired at their wedding, Henry Pascual, and he kind of taught me where to get the other things i was looking for :) such convenience :)
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