Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flea market finds

some items i scored for only Php500 (USD11.30) in total :) 

yes, some luck i had from being stuck in the heavy rain... i was caught standing for more than 40minutes (inside a small tent along the street who sells wooden carved items) because my car's parked in the other block!
the weather was crazy! but i can't be more than happy with the good deal :)

1. the deer
this is so cute! i'm planning to paint this and use it as a lamp stand :) ala J. Adler style :)

2. the horse
if you knew me personally, you'll know that i have this horse (sculpture) fetish... :) been wanting to have one of those since one of my trips in China, but it was too expensive! i'm realllly happy to get this at a bargain!

3. the tray
 this tray is perfect on its own. i want to use this as a tray table :) and/or probably place a mirror inside too

4. carved "seaside"
trust me, i've already washed this couple of times already! i'll be hanging this in my bathroom after painting, maybe :)

so yeah, everything you see here were all drenched with (rain)water that night... my mom was really annoyed cos she said i brought home trash. LOL

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