Wednesday, August 31, 2011

white on white

while i'm obviously not a fan of WHITE rooms (which reminds me so much of hospitals and/or facility centers), I'm sill trying to convince myself that it would work - in different textures.

 going glam. again, acrylic & glass never fails.

 if i could collect all of Philip Starck's ghost chair in different colors... i would!

 i really like how white is always mixed with rustic wood. there's something beachy, and very relaxing to it :)

i'm so inlove with white subway tiles, i almost ordered online and have them shipped here. 
til i realized, i don't have to buy the original tiles abroad, and make up with something here. i know.

and more white rooms....

 and can i share, this commercial i'm currently loving? :) 
the production design is soo dreamy i wish i was a part of it!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Exhibit Progress. Week 1 ++

While everyone in Manila is engrossed with their long-weekend vacation, we on the other hand, are working - manning construction that is, on a Holiday... don't you just love it? :) *sarcasm*

But it's such a breather to have actually seen progress, like right now, we're painting.
 and though i'm really excited about how this booth is gonna turn out, i'm still having mixed emotions since we decided to alter changes and edit our original design (financial & time limit problems :( we don't have that much sponsors, so we're shouldering the cost ourselves *sigh* but oh well, in 2-3 week's time, it'll ll be over. and i'm just way too excited to work and focus on my real-life design projects after this :)

wait for it.... :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Then and Now, But not quite Yet. My Room 2

i didn't had new furniture made in my room, nor did i buy anything outside from a store/ flea market
(wanted to try though, but had the busiest schedule this year, ever!)

so what you will see are actually my old furniture repainted and reupholstered. 
didn't know i would be blogging then, so sorry for no before pictures :(

to view how this room looked before,
click here

the chandelier.
this is new. i got this on sale from A&S Lights :)
A friend from high school owns the store, so she gave me more discount :)

the bed.
sorry for the gloomy photo,  i took this on the first day of moving in... :)

the divider.
these dividers used to be our old closet's doors... 
i had them repainted and made into screen.

the dresser.
turquoise & vibrant and i love it :)
for the details, i  changed my dresser's drawer pullers to faux crystals (i just saw them at Ortigas Home Depot - in gold base color, i repainted it with white), and extended a wing on both sides of the mirror - had 3 bulbs installed in each, for vanity and makeup purposes :)
and of course my makeup brush holders from used bottles of cheezwiz and all that! :)

 the chest of drawers.
in rusticated white. 
vintage handles are all from Ortigas Home Depot :)
 the desk.
now imagine this used to be Narra tinted in dark brown. i saw these upstairs my house, and nobody's using them... so i claimed it! haha. also changed all handles from this desk.

this is where i first tried the art "rusticating". 
yes, i tried it myself with paint and sandpaper, and asked our helper to finish where i started :)
that stool, also, was repainted and reupholstered.
some random knick knacks... i frequently changed the stuff here, depending on my mood.
right now, i just want to see the birdcage. LOL.

I still have some vintage posters waiting to hang, but i'm too lazy to start yet :)

the details.
and just some details that i have been taking from my iphone for some time :)
every time i plan to go shopping, i end up buying things for my room. hence, the birdcage, the lamps, etc.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scale Model: 2 Bedroom Apartment

the one who stole my Christmas last year :) 
it was pretty fun & stressful at the same time. 
we finished this in 2 week's time :)

Theme: Filipino Modern Contemporary

 The Living Room.

Bedroom 2

 Look how tiny it is! :)

Kitchen with bar & stools

Guest Room

Dining Room

To see better quality pictures,

Friday, August 26, 2011

Exhibit Progress. Week 1

Each year, the Philippine School of Interior Design holds an exhibit to showcase the graduating batch's design/ work. And each year has a different theme. For our batch, it's 

The Challenge.
You have to create a room/ booth where 50%-80% of the material you will use is made up of the one that was assigned to you.
Paper. Stone. Cement. Metal. Glass. Plastic. Rubber. Clay. Bamboo. Wood.

And the room will also be assigned in Random.
Living Room. Dining Room. Kitchen. Bedroom. Bathroom.
 And this box here, will be the Plastic Dining Room.

Excited much? Not really.
Only a few knows of the stress & pressure the students get during these period...
After our finals, we had our thesis.
After thesis, we need to have already presented our booth's design.
That was less than a week.

But i won't bore you with the details :)

In the meantime, just enjoy the pictures,


there's something about white on white in different textures that i can't get over with :)

i looove this wall! its so dreamy, something i want in my office :) eclectic living room
i have a soft spot for something raw and unpolished.

the wall mural made this dressing room a little bit of Alice in Wonderland, 
in a subdued sense :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Table Setting

The Requirement.

1. Pick a client (made-up client is okay)

2. Choose  an Event and Location where the event will be held.
3. Arrange a Table Setting based on the client's profile, status, etc.

The Result.
"Our Love is like a Tree"  

Client: Newly-wed couples celebrating their 1st anniversary. 
The couples are high school sweethearts :)
Location: The couple have an old family home in Batangas, 
the setting was arranged under a tree, where the husband also proposed to his then girlfriend.
 Theme: Rustic Shabby chic. Casual yet formal.

 I was lucky enough to have my friend lend me her shabby chic plates and utensils. She graduated culinary, so she had some kind of a collection herself too :)

We added a white charger for contrast.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Projects. Sy Residece

will be working on a new project, and these are some of the inspirations i gathered so far.

i saw the perspective of the facade and its pretty modern, more of minimalist black + white.

they have a lot of high-ceiling windows, and i thought of dressing the garden/walkway like this.
but not too tropical... planning to mix contemporary + glam, since the newly-wed couple
are more open to the current trends than go minimalist.

Neo Baroque perhaps.
i'm quite excited about their roof deck too :) 
they said, this is where they will be holding parties and entertaining their guest...
and i'm already eyeing these Locsin lounge chairs to put in there.


for the interiors, so far, this is the peg the couple wants in their master's bedroom.
 but i'm still thinking of putting more COLORS, cos they gave me no restrictions :)
funny thing is, the more they say, "bahala ka, basta maganda" i get more freaked out! LOL.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Then and Now, But not Yet. My Room

it was one of those days in design school when i got so stressed with all our projects, that i thought of 
>> redecorating my room...! (nothing major though... cos if i had my ceilings recessed or change my room entirely, it would just add to my already cluttered brain & bring more damage!) >.<

my flooring, cornice, basebaord, doors, and most furniture are made of Narra & other solid wood. 
My dad almost cried when he saw i repainted them with Duco White! ^.^

the color scheme i picked was Turquoise & Red  
since my mom gave me a RED oversize tufted headboard, and i didn't want to mix it with anything monochromatic. so i started with that headboard and played with everything else (promise to post clearer pictures soon).
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