Sunday, August 28, 2011

Then and Now, But not quite Yet. My Room 2

i didn't had new furniture made in my room, nor did i buy anything outside from a store/ flea market
(wanted to try though, but had the busiest schedule this year, ever!)

so what you will see are actually my old furniture repainted and reupholstered. 
didn't know i would be blogging then, so sorry for no before pictures :(

to view how this room looked before,
click here

the chandelier.
this is new. i got this on sale from A&S Lights :)
A friend from high school owns the store, so she gave me more discount :)

the bed.
sorry for the gloomy photo,  i took this on the first day of moving in... :)

the divider.
these dividers used to be our old closet's doors... 
i had them repainted and made into screen.

the dresser.
turquoise & vibrant and i love it :)
for the details, i  changed my dresser's drawer pullers to faux crystals (i just saw them at Ortigas Home Depot - in gold base color, i repainted it with white), and extended a wing on both sides of the mirror - had 3 bulbs installed in each, for vanity and makeup purposes :)
and of course my makeup brush holders from used bottles of cheezwiz and all that! :)

 the chest of drawers.
in rusticated white. 
vintage handles are all from Ortigas Home Depot :)
 the desk.
now imagine this used to be Narra tinted in dark brown. i saw these upstairs my house, and nobody's using them... so i claimed it! haha. also changed all handles from this desk.

this is where i first tried the art "rusticating". 
yes, i tried it myself with paint and sandpaper, and asked our helper to finish where i started :)
that stool, also, was repainted and reupholstered.
some random knick knacks... i frequently changed the stuff here, depending on my mood.
right now, i just want to see the birdcage. LOL.

I still have some vintage posters waiting to hang, but i'm too lazy to start yet :)

the details.
and just some details that i have been taking from my iphone for some time :)
every time i plan to go shopping, i end up buying things for my room. hence, the birdcage, the lamps, etc.
 all the furniture in my room are either repainted or reupholstered. i haven't had anything (new) done yet since i don't want to spend for now, so finishing my room entirely would take up a lot of patience and time :)
my first collection of books from designer i LOOOVVEE :)
generic, metal framed chairs from the hardware store. had them repainted as well. these are the chairs we use when we have styling shoots :) (R) good finds! inexpensive jars from Dapitan. again, i only needed to buy one vase for our  flower arrangement homework, yet ended up buying four!
 (R) repainted mirror frame

i would want to post (clearer pictures) more, but our Exhibit is coming soon! (this October) and we're manning construction in 16hrs shift daily. but i'll come back for more :)

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