Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Exhibit Progress. Week 1 ++

While everyone in Manila is engrossed with their long-weekend vacation, we on the other hand, are working - manning construction that is, on a Holiday... don't you just love it? :) *sarcasm*

But it's such a breather to have actually seen progress, like right now, we're painting.
 and though i'm really excited about how this booth is gonna turn out, i'm still having mixed emotions since we decided to alter changes and edit our original design (financial & time limit problems :( we don't have that much sponsors, so we're shouldering the cost ourselves *sigh* but oh well, in 2-3 week's time, it'll ll be over. and i'm just way too excited to work and focus on my real-life design projects after this :)

wait for it.... :)

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