Monday, August 22, 2011

Then and Now, But not Yet. My Room

it was one of those days in design school when i got so stressed with all our projects, that i thought of 
>> redecorating my room...! (nothing major though... cos if i had my ceilings recessed or change my room entirely, it would just add to my already cluttered brain & bring more damage!) >.<

my flooring, cornice, basebaord, doors, and most furniture are made of Narra & other solid wood. 
My dad almost cried when he saw i repainted them with Duco White! ^.^

the color scheme i picked was Turquoise & Red  
since my mom gave me a RED oversize tufted headboard, and i didn't want to mix it with anything monochromatic. so i started with that headboard and played with everything else (promise to post clearer pictures soon).

removed all the clutter.
newly painted. white cornice & pale turquoise walls.


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