Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Projects. Sy Residece

will be working on a new project, and these are some of the inspirations i gathered so far.

i saw the perspective of the facade and its pretty modern, more of minimalist black + white.

they have a lot of high-ceiling windows, and i thought of dressing the garden/walkway like this.
but not too tropical... planning to mix contemporary + glam, since the newly-wed couple
are more open to the current trends than go minimalist.

Neo Baroque perhaps.
i'm quite excited about their roof deck too :) 
they said, this is where they will be holding parties and entertaining their guest...
and i'm already eyeing these Locsin lounge chairs to put in there.


for the interiors, so far, this is the peg the couple wants in their master's bedroom.
 but i'm still thinking of putting more COLORS, cos they gave me no restrictions :)
funny thing is, the more they say, "bahala ka, basta maganda" i get more freaked out! LOL.

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