Friday, August 26, 2011

Exhibit Progress. Week 1

Each year, the Philippine School of Interior Design holds an exhibit to showcase the graduating batch's design/ work. And each year has a different theme. For our batch, it's 

The Challenge.
You have to create a room/ booth where 50%-80% of the material you will use is made up of the one that was assigned to you.
Paper. Stone. Cement. Metal. Glass. Plastic. Rubber. Clay. Bamboo. Wood.

And the room will also be assigned in Random.
Living Room. Dining Room. Kitchen. Bedroom. Bathroom.
 And this box here, will be the Plastic Dining Room.

Excited much? Not really.
Only a few knows of the stress & pressure the students get during these period...
After our finals, we had our thesis.
After thesis, we need to have already presented our booth's design.
That was less than a week.

But i won't bore you with the details :)

In the meantime, just enjoy the pictures,
Week One.
Carpentry Works.
Flooring & Platform
ps. can you imagine staying for 8-12hrs shift here daily? yep... that's our life :)

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