Thursday, September 8, 2011

Exhibit Progress. Week 2 ++

what i never hoped for, happened last week -  i got sick :( and i just hate the feeling of being stuck in bed... when you know you have to go out and move your ass, cos if you slack off a little - you'll get piled up with work! but thank God that's the past :) i'm on my better health now, and i have been pretty busy scouting for stuff for this week's styling/ photo shoot (reveal soon), canvassing for exhibit, and looking for future, potential suppliers. and as always, i ended up buying tons of fabric/stuff i don't know where to use yet! *erk*

anyway, construction for our exhibit should be done end of next week *gasp* i know... we're kind of behind! but yeah, i'm having my fingers crossed and still hoping for the best. I honestly, at this point of being too stressed out, wish and want to get this done and over with! expenses are too much! and i just can't wait to not stay in the construction site for hoursss anymore, i want to paaarrtty! lol.
 These giant build-up letters are as LITERAL as they can be.
 being artistic with recycled pvc's
 wait for it... :)

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