Saturday, September 17, 2011

Places: Stacy's

you know you're getting older when you frequently have brunch with friends 
than late night partying... :)  
so yes,  i started Saturday with brunch, which was a total effort in my case cos i normally sleep at 2-4 in the morning. (i know, i need to limit my fb, youtube, & blogger addiction in order to sleep earlier *pfft*)
good thing the place my friend picked was pretty decent and relaxing... 

it's like an extension to my room and is a smaller version of Memory Lane in Tagaytay. 

The interior is very light & shabby chic, i think it was the Heima group who did the interior 
of this place, cos some of the items are very similar/familiar to the store.
and don't you just loooove that pink SMEG fridge at the background? aaah i would want to have one of those in my house! if budget permits lol. its way too expensive for me now.
how the Philippines GOT SO INTO cottage style/ shabby chic interiors i don't know. 
it fits my personal taste for now, so i'm not complaining :) 
but i hope i don't get tired with the look, since more and more shops are looking the same way now... :)

have a great weekend!
nappy time :)

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