Friday, September 16, 2011

Exhibit Progress. Week 3 ++

whew! i can't believe it's almost a month now since the start of construction. we started working in this venue that was originally a warehouse/ storage house and now the progress is unbelievable! anyway, back to our booth...

as i've mentioned before, the theme of our exhibit is Sustainability.
and we're assigned to create a Dining Room that is 60-80% made of Plastic!

i know right?

but here's the progress so far :)
 i'm really happy how the mural has turned out :) it's so refreshing, and the logs i think fits perfectly too. we're trying to create a space that doesn't literally look like "the plastic booth", we want people to stop and guess for a while what our booth theme is.

so we made our design, Earth Friendly - Nature Inspired, to contradict how plastics are perceived as something that kills the planet earth slowly... mmm
and having installed these ceiling design made of PVC is actually a breather... YEAH. its THAT crucial you.could.kill.yourself.anytime. :p


wait for it.... :)

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