Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oasis along Edsa

 hmmm... was supposed to go to Pampanga today and check out the supplier, but due to the awful weather, i was stuck in Manila. What to do? Well, I went to this place (that had intrigued me for some time now) every time I pass by Edsa - the Manila Seedling.
it was quite a sanctuary actually... and my curiosity never failed me :) i was a bit surprised why i never tried visiting this place before. I thought Dangwa was the place to be, but this, by far is at par if you're looking for planted stuff... :) that I wished i had a green thumb too, but *ohwell* i only took pictures of the florals, but the place really looked much like a forest... something i never really thought existed along Edsa :)

i was also surprised to have met there one famous florist my cousin hired at their wedding, Henry Pascual, and he kind of taught me where to get the other things i was looking for :) such convenience :)


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